About us


  •     Our company was established since 2004, after more than 12 years of construction and development, TAN QUANG PHAT has become one of the prominent paper company in Vietnam. Our products are being used in packaging industry such as medium and test-liner.
  •    In addition, TAN QUANG PHAT is also trading machinery, equipment and materials for the paper industry, we buy and sell paper materials and goods distribution. We have installed the modern production lines which imported from technology providers that have experience in the paper machinery industry from Europe, India, China,…
  •    Our Company provides to customers the best quality of product, safety and environmental friendliness for the paper packaging industry. The company is also proud to contribute to the common efforts of countries in the classification and collection of used paper. On the one hand, to create economic benefits for businesses, for the country, on the other hand, also to contribute to the protection of forest resources, reduce the impact of global climate change.
  •    The best quality of products and reliable services that we offer is the most solid commitment to our customers and partners whom still have their belief in our company.
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